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I was at my local grocery store and couldn't help but notice a buyer clicking away at watermelons with his finger. It sounded like this... “TOK”. I asked, what are you doingggggg? The reply I get is by the sound “TOK”, the buyer knows which watermelon is tasty, juicy and ready to eat. I even get further advice that for double assurance, one needs to go “TOK” “TOK” and “TOK”. On reaching home what if the buyer cuts the watermelon to find that it’s not tasty, doesn’t have the red color which his mind is accustomed to and worst still it doesn’t taste good.

So what next?

Does he stop buying watermelons?

Let’s take the above in context to a couple of hypothetical situations in the business world. Whether its heads of departments struggling to manage and motivate staff in improving their performance or senior management scratching their heads on a thoroughly researched strategy which subordinates are unable to implement effectively or entrepreneurs struggling to scale their business or sales staff faced with challenges in finding new business. Whatever the situation, do we stop trying? There are some good days, some not so bad. With the right attitude, a vast majority of us will keep going i.e. “TOK” “TOK” “TOK”. + POSITIVE ATTITUDE

For department heads removing the fear of communication “TOK” from their staff may help to improve performance. For management, not giving up on the strategy but keep the “TOK” “TOK” going by empowering staff that are accountable for implementation. For entrepreneurs whatever the situation, one still has to get up, get dressed and move forward every day "TOK" i.e. network. For the unsung sales heroes, probably take a different approach to sales by bringing creativity into your sales.

Bottom line… Don’t give up. Keep “TOK” “TOK” ing.

Keep moving forward... Keep the “TOK” “TOK” going.. Keep trying



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