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Visualise, you are in heaven and keen to get into a line called 'Mauka line'. The line allows you to meet the most knowledgeable angel. The angel then shares with you a specific incident from the workplace where your performance falls well short of management expectations due to your lack of effective communication. + MOTIVATION

Let's assume information the angel shared was that you didn't make that one decision due to your lack of self-belief when communicating the same and if you had made that decision your life would have turned out for the better.

You could lay the blame for this shortcoming of yours towards peer-pressure, self-confidence, knowledge of the subject, lack of opportunity. The excuse list is never-ending, instead of letting your subconscious mind lead you down the path of finding fault. The question one needs to ask oneself is whether you really should be standing in line in the first place. For if you are waiting for a Mauka, it's highly likely, the opportunity has long gone.

The below diagram are the steps to writing and storytelling. + STORYTELLING



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