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From a traffic perspective, one could relate heavy rains with roadblocks and traffic jams. However, much to Rakesh's surprise and probably an isolated incident was his drive from Mumbai. It started raining heavily and within no time what appeared to be a smooth drive back to Pune was now slow-moving vehicles driving into congestion. Much to his surprise, within minutes, the fast lane opens up, and he was making good time.

From traffic to empty roads within minutes. What happened? + MOTIVATION

Driving through the torrential downpour, Rakesh noticed that riders on two-wheelers came to a halt and took shelter under the bridge. The auto-rickshaws and cautious four-wheel drivers moved over to the slower lane. While all this unfolded, he noticed that the road on the extreme right, i.e. the fast lane was practically empty. Without hesitation, he moved to the fast lane and was making good time to be back home with the family.

No disrespect to the type of vehicle, one is driving in this story. What we are trying to bring out from this story is an analogy to when things look difficult and complicated; it is how we respond to situations through preparation that helps us to stand out. Rakesh could hide or blame everyone around him. In this scenario the rains, traffic, bad roads etc. However, his time given towards regular upkeep of his car by ensuring the tyre tread and air pressure was right, which provided good road grip. The wiper blades working perfectly. All this and more provided him with the needed assurance that the car was in excellent driving condition even in the rains.

I'm sure there are many more factors that helped in the smooth drive but let us read on. What if the tire, windshield wiper was not in good working condition? Would Rakesh still be confident to drive in the fast lane through torrential rain and slippery roads?. Try and connect the above example of the car, which is in good driving condition through the rains ( i.e. difficulty) to our professional journey. In a constantly evolving workplace, we need to adapt to challenges that present itself.

How do we adapt? One such way could be in preparation by regularly improving our skill sets. Some of skills could include: self-leadership, positive attitude, adaptability, public-speaking, problem-solving, comm, presentation, teamwork and listening. These skills do not develop overnight and need constant practice towards perfection. So when everyone sees a problem, you see an opportunity.

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