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Visual Communication is what meets the eye!

A couple of examples on Visual Communication from Bollywood to Athletics.

Heard of the name Rajinikanth? I’m visualizing people from across India and most parts of the world going oh yeah, for sure. What’s the Visual Communication you remember Mr. Rajinikanth by? In my recent training session, I asked the same question to participants and the prompt response I got from the majority of them was the twirl of his sunglasses where in one motion he would wear the same.

(** Disclaimer :) Don’t try this at home or your hands might get tangled or for the over 40’s you might get a cramp in your wrist.

My memory of the superstar takes me back to him throwing a cigarette in his mouth. It doesn't sound very spectacular when you read it and for sure nothing cool about smoking. However, it goes something like this. The cigarette is thrown in the air, then he takes his gun to shoot the cigarette i.e. light it up. Catching the cigarette on its way down and for the final sequence, he flips the cigarette which takes a couple of back somersaults and goes into his mouth. Crazy as it may sound now but it was cool back in the 80’s. The Phantom Sweet Cigarette generation :)

Let’s look at an example of visual communication in Sports. This month celebrates the 10th anniversary of Usain Bolt’s record-breaking 100 m sprint clocked at 9.58 seconds. The record stands to date. Bolt's trademark was that one of his hands would point towards the sky in a way to signify lightning/Bolt. This visual communication that Bolt shared was his trademark for his fans to cherish and opponents probably to be intimidated.

In the business context, visual communication applies in several areas. For discussion, we look into one of the areas i.e. a winning presentation. Few words and more pictures give the presentation easy comprehension and visual appeal i.e. Visual Communication. Do write into the email provided below to learn more on how to make a professional presentation. + VISUAL COMMUNICATION

I hope the above was helpful and nudges you to find your signature in visual communication which people remember and relate to you by. Just remembered a cricket player twirling his moustache now and then to get the crowds going. Any idea who it is?

Signing off.. AJ..

Happy Ganpati wishes to all my friends.



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