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Some of us have the fear to communicate. These fears vary from what will people think to whether one will be misunderstood to not sure what feedback to expect. This list of fears is never-ending. Whatever the reasons the following article captures ways we can overcome our fears when communicating.

For this article, we touch upon the topic of Diversity and 'CLEAR' training module in communication.

To begin with Diversity.

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, where a new India is full of ideas and opportunities. The workforce is better educated than previous generations and striving towards a better tomorrow and standard of living. With people from all walks of life entering the workspace, it is here that diversity if not embraced, brings with it more challenges than opportunities.

Along with the many positives, diversity also comes with challenges like miscommunication, the FEAR of communicating, drop in employee performance, engagement and more. If not addressed through effective communication it most likely that diversity will bring disharmony within teams and create communication gaps from the boardroom where strategy is thoroughly thought through to teams accountable for implementation. + DIVERSITY + COMM

Moving to the ‘CLEAR’ module in Communication: The module not only addresses diversity but also brings about ways to overcome 'FEAR' when communicating. Through which, we can improve staff performance and increase engagement levels.


CLEAR* module in communication conceptualised by Golden Armour / Captain In You

*All Rights Reserved


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