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The new generation of Indian shooters is making the world take notice. Such has been their dominance that in the recently concluded Shooting World Cup Series* the Indian shooting contingent ended up with 16 Gold medals. The achievement is commendable considering the total number of nations that actively participate in shooting competitions. Was this achievement acknowledged and celebrated across the country? There are well-wishers and die-hard shooting fans in India that cherish and share every achievement with their friends and families. However, for the majority of the Indian population, achievements by Indian shooters often go unnoticed. Recognition for some will be in getting an award and if they are lucky an endorsement or two. Commercially it won’t be enough. So, what’s needed for the sport in India and its torchbearers to get its fair share of sponsorship investment which they so rightly deserve?

Here’s a thought, however crazzzy.

What are the chances of an ace Indian shooter endorsing Rolex? Slim to say the least. However, if the ace shooter plays a supporting role in a Bond movie the probability of endorsement increases marginally as there is a starting point to a discussion on sponsorship investment. You may ask where the link is. Have a look at any bond poster. It always has a gun. Bang… Bang…

Brands want to be a part of the movie - Bond. Product placement in a 007 movie is so powerful that a plethora of brands from cars to watches to even chocolates have played their part over decades. From 1962 to 2015 over 150 brands have been associated with 007. Every Bond movie release is eagerly awaited throughout the world. Whichever role, big or small played by an Indian shooter benefits all stakeholders. How? Through product placement, the movie gets brands that want to enter the Indian market. The Indian shooter benefits as S/He achievement is highlighted worldwide and more importantly the sport of shooting in India benefits at large through the recognition it gets.

Over the next decade, India's performance at the international stage will get better and more consistent as the talent pool from grassroots to elite participation across genders is getting wider and stronger. The shooters who bring so much recognition to India on the international stage will only benefit financially when the sport is commercialised.

Let’s watch the space.. who knows!!



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