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Walls adjacent to the river beds crumble due to the sheer pressure from rising water levels. Building a stronger wall may not be the right solution as the water would keep pushing against the wall until it breaks down, leaving behind destruction and debris. The answer to ensuring walls not collapsing is varied. One such way could be that the rebuilt walls have 'pockets' at certain levels that allow the water to enter and exit. Pockets help in softening the impact on the wall, which helps it stand stronger for longer.

Many a time we human beings have already formed perceptions with little or no information we have. Nothing wrong or right with this approach as we persist with what our experience tells us. However, the difficulty arrives under challenging situations when decisions we make are influenced by our subconscious. In short, our subconscious is making decisions for us, and more often than not, it may not be the right decision at that given moment. + POCKETS IN OUR MIND

So what's needed to face up to the given challenge and make the right decision?

Let's take this learning of creating 'pockets' to our subconscious mind. For discussion, let us say our mind is the wall here. If we take lessons learnt from floodwaters pushing against and pressurising the wall and not having pockets to enter and exit. The eventual outcome is the collapse of the wall and in this example, a breakdown of our beautiful mind. If we follow the reverse, i.e. we allow new information and ideas to continuously enter our mind. This additional information helps in giving us choices when making a decision. After providing these new inputs, time and space to breathe. We feel for any reason the latest information is not useful and does not work for us, then we can let it out of our minds through 'pockets'.

By practising this exercise of creating pockets, our learnings and experience will be far more enriched and with this we find greater productivity in tasks we undertake in comparison to than we started.

Try and allow pockets in your mind when you struggling to find answers.



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