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AlphaZero MOMENT

We often come across news on computers defeating humans in chess. What caught my interest was an article going back to December 2017 that mentioned two chess programs - AlphaZero* and Stockfish 8 that played against each other. The result going against all the odds saw AlphaZero beating Stockfish 8. How was this even possible given that Stockfish 8 program was far more advanced?

Stockfish 8 was a much older computer program which had data going back decades from all games and books on chess. In short, Stockfish 8 had information collated from a vast online library of chess that covered every human move possible; there was - literally from the opening of the game. Without delving into technicalities that each program adopted. The reason AphaZero was able to win was its ability to diagnose its learning needs via 'self-play'. It learnt every move via an artificial intelligence technique - machine learning and did not depend on past data. Thus for every AlphaZero play, Stockfish 8 program was caught unaware, as it could not decipher moves other than programmed one's. + DECISION MAKING

In reference to this article, let's take a moment to self-introspect and use the analogy of Stockfish 8 (pre-registered information) to that of our subconscious mind (pre-registered experience).

More often than not, we would like to think that we make decisions consciously. This couldn't be further from the truth as unknowingly, and during challenging situations, our subconscious and not conscious mind is making decisions for us. Nothing wrong or right with this approach as we persist with what our experience tells us. However, at times, it may not be the right decision.

While the questions remain the same, our perspective and response may have changed. Now more than ever before let's incorporate 'self-learning' into our daily lives.

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