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A quick online search on what the colour blue stands for? Blue is often associated with depth and stability. The colour symbolises trust, loyalty, confidence and is considered beneficial to the mind and body. All the above adjectives stand true and will again hold the test of time for over a billion people as we start the year 2020. An exciting cricket calendar of the men's senior national cricket team awaits the nation. Australia's tour of India at the start of the year, 13th edition of the Vivo Indian Premier League and to bring the curtains to an exciting year the ICC Men's T20 Cricket World Cup. One thing is for sure when players put on that 'ONE Blue Hat' they communicate with over a billion hearts that they take accountability for their actions. + SELF - LEADERSHIP

Let's take accountability and pride to our workplace by us, not only wearing but also getting our colleagues and teams across departments to wear the 'ONE Blue Hat'. Why? The lines empty for you to fill.


ONE Blue Hat can cover several points where people come together to take accountability for their actions, whether individually or in a group. We are sharing a few thoughts which get the discussion going.

# Organisation wears 'ONE Blue Hat.' to bring about TRUST.

From feedback regularly received through my training is that many a challenge faced by businesses is ensuring a higher level of engagement with staff and for them to take accountability. Research shows that over 70% of companies want to improve engagement with their team. I'm sure there are processes to engage staff. However, a good starting point could be all employees wearing ONE Blue Hat to bring about transparency in communication that brings trust and commitment within organisations.

# An individual wears 'ONE Blue Hat.' for career progression.

Are you overlooked for a promotion? This and more probably doesn't register well with your conscious? Rather than going into overdrive and believing the world and all its alien forces are against you. Get down to consistently improving your delivery at work. Try and recollect if there is anything you could have done differently and for the better in the year gone. Could you have taken the initiative to help your colleague and team to achieve the overall organisation and department goal? Were you persuasive in your communication? Do you need to push yourself to be innovative? Drive change within yourself.

# Team wears 'ONE Blue Hat.' towards customer service.

Below is a snippet from my blog on Team Work. The blog is titled, 11 CAPTAINS.

It takes the combined and genuine effort of all staff towards achieving goals set by management. For this discussion, let's consider your favourite restaurant. The ultimate goal of Management is Customer Satisfaction. To consistently deliver, the taste and quality of the food, ambience along with impeccable service 24x7 needs to be maintained. Considering the restaurant is open 365 days a year, this is not an easy task and requires coordination within the team, i.e. all staff, from the chef to the manager to the attentive waiters. Equally important is staff in the background that dutifully carries out their tasks. Each one is a captain within themselves and works towards achieving a common goal in this case Customer Satisfaction.

One could read more on 11 Captains.



ONE Blue Hat* module conceptualized by Captain In You & Golden Armour

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