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Ever been in a situation where days and weeks have passed, and your presentation is nowhere near completion? For discussion in this article, the task on hand is in creating a winning presentation of no more than six slides.

The opening two slides go into the introduction to engage and get the attention of the audience. The middle shares promises made and route to implementation and the last couple of slides reinforce discussions and push/call for action.

Let's say we are satisfied with the opening and closing but struggling with clarity on the middle part of the presentation. What majority of us frequently do is we keep going through all slides before we work on slides that need our utmost attention. Understandably, we follow this pattern for the first couple of times as it reinforces our thought process. However, the constant repetition of referring to slides we already comfortable with finds us struggling to complete the presentation on time. + TIME MANAGEMENT

Think about it. What indirectly is happening here is that our mind is taking us back to things that we are familiar with 'our comfort zone'. Much time goes into reading and re-reading, writing and re-writing things we already know. In the context of this article its the middle section of the presentation where our focus should be.

Sharing learnings on how one can save time when creating a presentation. Color- Code is one such way to save time. The opening and closing slides can be color-coded Green. It's good to go as we are comfortable with the content and flow. The middle could be coded in red as it needs work. So the next time we visit the presentation, we jump straight to?

Let's take another example. Say we write an article of a thousand words. We break it down into four paragraphs of 250 words each. The below visual is an illustration.

With the time you save. Spend that time in backing yourself to create a first of a kind unique and winning presentation.

All the best.




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